Mercedes Sprinter Maxi

MTMA: 7440kg, 4900kg util

✅ 6 years warranty for the rear axle FPT brand, used to increased weight, with European warranty network of over 2500 service points.

Chassis 2.jpg

✅ Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Maxi is the ideal technical solution to transport payload equal to other vehicles in the same range of 7.5 tons, but with a consumption of 5-7 liters / 100km lower.

Low maintenance cost and higher reliability

✅ With the new Sprinter Maxi increased payload weight, you save the chassis monthly rate. 

Chassis 1.jpg

✅ The same chassis is used for the
SPRINTER GRANTURISMO 34 seats, maximum laden mass 7.440 kg. 
✅ In operation for 3 years. The first coaches produced have over 350,000 km run without deficiencies.

Bus 1.jpg

✅ European Certificate of Conformity (WVTA 2007/46) for stage 2 approval in single / double cab versions and 4 different wheelbase.

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