Ref nr. 474

Constructive version: City bus Sprinter Low Entry, 22s + 21 lp + 0 c / 25 s + 18 lp + 0 c/ 25 s + 18 lp + 1 c

Base chassis: Mercedes Sprinter 519;

Maximum mass: 7440 kg; 

Length: 8.832 mm;




  • Rear air suspension

  • Automatic gearbox

  • Driver A/C

  • Driver seat with hydraulic suspension

  • MBUX 7`` radio with touch screen

  • Airbag


  • Active Brake Assist

  • Color: White Arctic

  • Tachograph

  • Heated exterior mirror and electrically adjusted

  • Cruise control / Fog lights

  • Multifunctional steering wheel

  • Crosswind Assist

  • ECO start/stop function


  1. Stainless steel structure on the part exposed to corrosion;

  2. Bodywork made of aluminium and fiberglass;

  3. Rear technical space;

  4. Low floor entry in the front and middle area;

  5. Glass double door, on the right front side, electrically operated;

  6. Rear door on the right side, electrically operated;

  7. Wheelchair ramp at the low floor entry;

  8. Clearance of the front dome for mounting the route display;

  9. Equiping with 22 fixing seats + 3 folding seats in the low floor area;

  10. Fitting standing places;

  11. Fitting 1 wheelchair place;

  12. Driver protection screens;

  13. Black panoramic windows with sliding system - 2 on the left side, 2 on the right side;

  14. Anti skid linoleum, wear-resistant in tune with the interior;

  15. Interior upholstery with synthetic leather/fabric;

  16. Air conditioning Autoclima 16 kW;

  17. Climate pipes with dispersion grilles to the windows (for defrosting) and central;

  18. Lighting passenger compartment with longitudinal profiles – white / blue LED’s;

  19. Webasto Thermo 90 ST (water) 9 kW stationary heater with radiators (left, right and rear side);

  20. Thermal and sound insulation (barrier) with nano-particles totally sprayed (1-3 mm) over the entire interior;

  21. Anti-corrosion protection wax-bitumen lower body area exposed to water ;

  22. Painting the front bumper and exterior mirrors in the same color like the bodywork;

  23. Support bars;

  24. Reverse video kit (7`` monitor);

  25. Video camera monitoring the rear door steps;

  26. Preparation of mounting the route display (front, side, rear) and video monitoring system;

  27. Support for the cash register next to the driver + electrical preparation;

  28. Electronic clock with STOP function display;

  29. Glass hatch with safety outlet - 2 pcs;

  30. Wheel trim covers from stainless steel (16``- 4 pcs);

  31. Electronic main switch;

  32. Optical smoke detector and temperature, mounted near the heater.

Thermal barrier produced with nanoparticles technology used only by our company to isolate buses reduces the cost to obtain optimum temperatures both in summer and in winter.