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We build tunnels for general disinfection of people entering in a public or private institution (hospitals, schools, mayors, hotels, factories) or for access to bus stations.

Sprays disinfectant on clothing throughout the body. Includes footwear disinfection.


























Users have confirmed to us that it is very effective in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

The main advantages:

- Spraying all over the body surface;

- The surplus is collected in the basin, with the help of which the sole is disinfected;

- The collecting tank has an overflow valve: it can be collected in a container, obtaining two further benefits:

1. Continuous refresh!

2. Can be reused when disinfecting concrete surfaces in front of the entrances!


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The package contains:

1x Disinfectant tunnel

1x Head and face protection helmet;


** The delivery period is 5-10 days from the payment of a 50% advance on the basis of a proforma invoice and the difference on delivery.

* In the price is not included the transport.


Overall dimensions :

2300 Height x 1600 Width x 1320 Length.

Disinfectants are not included.

The product is approved.


Technical specifications (Tunnel):

- Stainless steel structure;

- UV LED strip (12V)

- Spray system (5.5bar / 12V 8Ah pressure pump)

- Tank 16 liters

- Disinfectant liquid collection tank

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