Mercedes Sprinter 516CDI

Ref. nr. 3678

MAIN FEATURES - Ref nr. 3678

ENGINE EURO 6 - 163hp / 122kW

Mercedes Sprinter 516CDI

Maximum permissible mass: 5000 kg; Mass in running order: 3300 kg;
Maximum permissible mass of the auto-train: 7000 kg;
Length: 7717 mm; Height: 2850 mm; Width: 2020 mm; Wheelbase: 4325 mm; Transmission: Manual; Colour: White;

1. Bodywork extension
2. Heater for passengers – 2 kW
3. Air condition Autoclima 12.5 kW, for passengers
4. Air Condition windscreen / driver
5. Rear luggage compartment
6. Tourist seats
7. Double glazing windows, black, with UV protection
8. Thermal and sound insulation (barrier) with nano-particles totally sprayed (1-3 mm) over the entire interior
9. Radio - CD
10. Wheel covers

Thermal barrier produced with nanoparticles technology used only by our company to isolate buses reduces the cost to obtain optimum temperatures both in summer and in winter.