Mercedes Sprinter Granturismo

   Ref nr. 469

Constructive version: Touristic bus Mercedes Sprinter Granturismo, 29+1+1 seats

Base chassis: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519;

Maximum mass: 7440 kg;  Kerb mass: 4855 kg (driver+passenger+diesel)

Length: 8.782 mm; Height: 2955 mm; Width: 2350 mm; Wheelbase: 4820 mm;

Manufacturing year: 2020

European Omologation - C.O.C. (WVTA 2007/46) ;

Meets the requirements of Regulations 66 !

Average fuel consumption12,5l / 100 Km, (empty on the motorway)!








  • Rear air suspension

  • Retarder

  • Automatic gearbox

  • Driver A/C

  • Driver seat with hydraulic suspension

  • MBUX 7`` radio with touch screen

  • Airbag



  • Active Brake Assist

  • Colour: green non-metallic

  • Tachograph

  • Heated exterior mirror and electrically adjusted

  • Multifunctional steering wheel

  • Crosswind Assist

  • ECO start/stop function




  1. Stainless steel structure;

  2. Bodywork made of aluminium and fiberglass;

  3. Rear and lateral luggage compartment;

  4. Two electric doors, BCE Italy, for passenger access, front and rear;

  5. Raised floor with 14 cm + extra step at the entrance in the corridor (to cover the passage of the wheels);

  6. Thermal and sound insulation (barrier) with nano-particles totally sprayed (1-3 mm) over the entire interior;

  7. Double glazing windows with UV protection (black);

  8. Clothes hanger set (11 pcs);

  9. Ornamental windowsills with diffuse illumination;

  10. Ceiling fan with two-way ventilation;

  11. Air conditioning Autoclima, 16 kW;

  12. Kit compresor AC support driven separate by the motor belt, for delimiting the Mercedes maintenance activity / Body Builder;

  13. Air channels with light luggage rack, multisets and USB chargers for each seat;

  14. Lighting passenger compartment with longitudinal profiles - white LED’s and complete lighting of the corridor;

  15. Ambiental lighting on the airpipes ornamental profiles, longitudinal;

  16. Heater Webasto Thermo Pro 90ST (water) – 9 kW, with radiators ;

  17. Tourist seats, 29 pcs., with newspaper nets, tables, number labels and lateral sliding + driver seat cover;

  18. Guide seat;

  19. Radio;

  20. Amplifier + Microphone;

  21. Electronic clock;

  22. Preparation for:  LCD, Monitoring system;

  23. Refrigerator - 40 liters;

  24. Central dashboard piece, processed and varnished;

  25. Body painting in green non-metallic, including the front bumper;

  26. Exterior mirrors painting in a same colour as a body bus;

  27. Exterior ornaments - stainless steel on the side windows and under the rear window;

  28. Stainless steel wheel covers;

  29. Rear mud flaps;

  30. Electronic main switch;

  31. Optical smoke detector and temperature, mounted near the heater.



  1. Dhollandia lift for the wheelchair at the rear door (elevator);

  2. Automatic gearbox

  3. Cruise control;

  4. Fog Lights;

  5. Reversing camera Kit (monitor 7” );

  6. Heated driver's seat;

  7. Exterior dome - Mounting destination sign system in front;

  8. Fitting 5 places for persons with disabilities

  9. Nonmetallic exterior painting – green colour;

  10. Instalation of STOP buttons, near every passenger seat;

  11. Box for storing documents above the driver;

  12. Trailer hook;

  13. Extended warranty to corrosion from the inside out for 5 years;


Thermal barrier produced with nanoparticles technology used only by our company to isolate buses reduces the cost to obtain optimum temperatures both in summer and in winter.