Mercedes Sprinter 

   Ref nr. 3692

Constructive version: Touristic Minibus Mercedes Sprinter 519, 21+1+1 seats;

Base Van: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519;

Maximum mass: 5000 kg; Kerb Mass: 3437 kg (driver + passenger +diesel);

Length: 7696 mm; Height: 2850 mm; Width: 2020 mm; Wheelbase: 4325 mm;  

Manufacturing year: 2020;

European Omologation - C.O.C. (WVTA 2007/46) ;

Meets the requirements of Regulations 66 !


  1. Extension of the body;

  2. Rear trunk lid with vertical translation for extension of the body;

  3. Raised floor for the last 3 rows of seats;

  4. Lowered big luggage space;

  5. Glazed front door on the right side electrically operated with BCE mechanism;

  6. Webasto Thermotop C 5 kW (water) with convectors;

  7. Air conditioning Autoclima - 12 kW;

  8. Kit compresor AC support driven separate by the motor belt, for delimiting the Mercedes maintenance activity / Body Builder;

  9. Equipment with 21 tourist seats, with newspaper nets, tables, number labels;

  10. Guide seat;

  11. Driver seat in the same cover like the passenger seats;

  12. Air channels with light luggage rack, multisets, USB chargers, including for the driver;

  13. Double glazing windows (black), with UV protection;

  14. Ornamental windowsills with diffuse illumination  (blue LED), on both sides of the car;

  15. Preparation for mounting LCD, reversing camera, monitoring system and fridge;

  16. Signal lamps, "Schoolbus" type;

  17. Stainless steel wheel covers;

  18. Lateral ornaments – painted in the same colour like the bodywork

  19. The front bumper and exterior mirrors painted in a same colour like the bodywork;

  20. Handholds at the entrance, from stainless steel, fixed with stainless bolts;

  21. Lighting passenger compartment with 2 longitudinal profiles - white LED’s;

  22. Amplifier + Microphone;

  23. Driver seat with mechanical suspension;

  24. Clothes hanger set;

  25. Storage box for documents over the driver;

  26. Central dashboard piece, processed and varnished

  27. Diffuse illumination  on the ornamental profiles longitudinal fitted on the air channels;

  28. Optical smoke detector and temperature, mounted near the heater.

Thermal barrier produced with nanoparticles technology used only by our company to isolate buses reduces the cost to obtain optimum temperatures both in summer and in winter.